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Cut down on avocado’s, here’s why you should be traveling more
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Cut down on avocado’s, here’s why you should be traveling more

Why should you travel?

Travel is part of us. It’s like the early generations of our foremothers and fathers. The ones who explored and discovered the world. If they never explored, we would not know what we know today. I’m sure we have all dreamed about travel at some stage in our life. It has shaped mine and is the reason why at Moneycado we want to help people save for their next travel experience.

You learn

Discovering new places allows you to learn about new ways of life. If you have only lived in one place, that’s all you know. Every country has its own way of life. Each culture has its own way of doing things. In the West body language and hand gestures mean one thing, and in the East they mean another thing.

Learning about new cultures can change your perspective on your own life. Adopting different areas you liked about each culture.

You get to eat amazing food

Food, food, food and more food! Every country has its own subculture to food. Food has been shared around the world and you can taste it in every country. Visiting the country of origin is where you will taste the best, prepared by the people who know the recipes the best as they have been passed down the generations.

You make friends for life

When you travel you are constantly meeting new people. You meet other travellers and you meet the local people. There is a a different energy to people when they are travelling. Everyone is there to meet new people and make friends. The locals welcome you with open arms. They are proud of the place they live and want to share that experience with you. The experiences that you share with people on your travels last a lifetime and so do the friendships.

Develop confidence

You find yourself in new situations everyday. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group these new situations are the same. Being outside of your comfort zone allows you to stretch yourself and do things you never thought you were capable of doing. The confidence that you gain transcends back to your daily life and you grow as an individual.


Traveling makes you happier. Your mind is stretched, your experiencing new things all the time and you removed from the standard way of life back home. If you get post travel blues you can always start saving towards your next trip:)

You get to learn a new language

Well, not completely (unless you want to), but enough to learn how to say “Hello”; “How are you?”; “Can I have a cold beer, please?” and a few other common phrases. You can have a secret conversation with yourself when you return home!

No regrets

Don’t wake up one day and say “I wish had been to…”. Whatever your age, whatever lifestage you are in travel can have a profound impact on your life. You get to have fun and do whatever you want to do. I know saving to secure a mortgage on a house seems like the sensible thing to do but spending a bit on travel will be a great investment in yourself!

Create lifelong memories

The title in itself is enough. Memories that one day you will share with your grandchildren and be the ‘cool’ grandparent who has amazing travel stories to share!

These are just a few of things you will get to experience if you save a bit of money towards travel each month. The world is your oyster, get out there and see it!

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